Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Warrior’s Shirt, Appaloosa and Native Costume, Watercolor by Deborah Flood


                    The Warrior's shirt Medium Web view

The Warrior's Shirt
21.5 x 29 inches. watercolor on 300lb watercolor paper.

This painting is slated for my Solo Exhibit in the International Museum of Art of El Paso, Texas, July and August of 2013.

This painting depicts the Warrior who has been honored with this red shirt, for his deed and generosity. Awarded as a special shirt by the Warrior's Society. The shirt is embellished with Ermines on the sleeves.

The War Pony wears a captured Cavalry bridle that has been decorated with rawhide strips covered in shell casings, brass beads and red and white heart beads. Warriors thought that the thing taken from the enemy during or after a battle would transfer the power of that person to them. Because the bridle is decorated in the shell casings, it gives the war pony the power to ride through hails of bullets with out being harmed.

Thank you goes to Debbie Herzman and her Appaloosa horse, Scooter. For reference images to use for the painting, and for describing what the pieces are.


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