Sunday, February 13, 2011

Horse racing painting. Robert Joyner...making fine art affordable!

Horse racing painting

Details about this horse racing painting

Acrylic on paper, measures 22" x 15"

Inspiration behind this expressive equine painting

New toss the paint!
My focus was using up some of the 'sludge' paint I have saved, and contrasting the gray with some vibrant colors. Being resourceful is something I try to do all the time, but especially in the studio. Most of you know I never throw away reject paintings, and the same goes for paint. There's always some left-over paint on the palette at the end of a session and I scrape all of it in a jar. As you can see from the picture, there are small pockets of color. These small pockets of color add some interesting variations of grays if you don't mix them up too much. This is a fabulous way to add some pop to what would be a flat and boring color. You can see the different shades of gray in the background of this painting.
These grays contrast well with the pop of orange and lavenders. So, if you're a painter and would prefer not to throw away your money, grab an empty jar and start putting that paint aside for a later date. It's also great for toning a blank white canvas.

Here are some close-up images so you can appreciate some of the brushwork. I've included a framed image for display purposes only.

How to purchase this equine painting

This painting is now available at my Etsy store. Be sure to stop in and browse over 200 original and affordable paintings for sale.
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Coming Soon!
I'm often asked about teaching, and will eventually make myself available. In the meantime, I've decided to add some painting tutorials for beginner and advanced artists to the website. I'll cover some of the painting techniques I've discovered along the way, as well as some other aspects of being a full-time artist. My goal is to share useful information about the art of painting, and selling your goods on-line. I'll start posting a few this weekend, and please contact me if there's something specific you would like to know about.

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