Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Abstract Horse Painting Contemporary Equine Art By Colorado Artist Jennifer Morrison, Galloping Sunset SOLD

Galloping Sunset
The lady that purchased this painting also commissioned the 5 ft by 4 ft painting from me.  We tried the "Valley Of Aspens" tree painting in her home, however even at 36x24 inches, the painting is too small for the space on her wall.  It will be back up for sale again soon! 
 I was excited to see Tom Cruise following me yesterday on twitter!  Celebrities following my artwork so far:  Lee Ann Womack, Yoko Ono, and Tom Cruise.  SO COOL! 
 I cracked up at the comment a collector left on my website about this painting!  Thought I would share it with you, read below:

Gregory Posted Today at 12:10 PM Jennifer!!!!! this is sick, sick, sick... my all time favorite!!!! what are you tripping on? give me some!!!!! are all these new? you have blown my mind!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!! gregory.

LOL!! Well, I'm not tripping on anything but my own creative imagination!  I just love letting those colors flow and grow! LOL!! 

© Morrison Studios
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist

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