Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lucky me!

My show was supposed to be taken down this weekend, but fortunately it's able to stay  until the 28th of Sept. instead.  I have some procrastinating friends who will like that!  There's pros and cons to being in a small town venue, and this is a definite pro!  I like the flexibility allowed... it's definitely more my style!
I've just finished working on another horsey piece, and think it's done.  I took the ref photo while in Holland... at the Manege... what an amazing place.  I think I'll do a painting of the actual riding arena next... we were there during a semi-private lesson... I really want to share it with you.  I hope you like this one... the lighting is something I've always wanted to work on, like this one, resembling Vermeer or Rembrandt.

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  1. Whoa, girl...did you paint this? Definitely a change, if so...but definitely very good. When did you go to the Holland Menege in Amsterdam? You've been holding out on me! What brilliant inspirations there. Have you ever been to The Spanish Riding School in Vienna? Which painting did you take the photo for, that you have just painted, the Sunset one? All I can say is: whatever you paint, I wish I had more space and more money!~Kelly


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