Friday, September 10, 2010

"Horse Painting in Costa Rica"

"Painting" and drawing Horses is a passion to me. I believe there is something about horses that evokes, in humans, an almost instinctive affinity. Every child, it seems. at one time dreams of a pony for Christmas, or fo becoming a cowboy.
I practiced Podiatric Medicine for 31 years, in Cocoa, Florida. Along with my wife, I have relocated to LaFortuna," Costa Rica". This area, has a strong History of Horse culture and this provides me with a constant source of inspiration.
MY "Paintings" are a feeble attempt, at trying to depict the "Horse". Since I am self taught, and don´t know the rules I prefer paintings in motion and Horses at work. I find many posed "Horse paintings" still and lifeless my goal is to catch the alive-ness of the creature, if I can draw the viewer into the picture, to become part of the story, then, my efforts have been realized.

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