Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Horse is a Magnificent Animal, Let's Paint It!

From our first picture books in babyhood, we learn about animals. How many times have we visited the zoo, observing our similarities and differences with our animal cousins? Learning about animals is a lifelong study for some, and a hobby or source of income for others. For many of us, animal paintings bring a living, breathing source of life into our homes. Moving from Asia to Africa, acrylic paintings in the abstract style can capture a tiger’s striped majesty or a shy gazelle’s wide-eyed gaze. Nor are we limited to our far-flung lands, for the birds of our skies and fish in our seas sport colors in all shades of the spectrum. Any color that would complement your wall’s decorating scheme can be found in nature and transferred to a ready-to-hang canvas by an abstract artist. Why don’t you stroll through your home after you have thought about your favorite members of the animal kingdom? The perfect mood of your favorite creature will spring to mind, and you will have taken the first step to procuring a new piece of art to decorate your home. Now, on to making your dream a reality.
You need to get a feel for your favorite subject, so you shop online through many galleries, at last selecting your animal subject in the pose and background that you desire. Is it a lion in muted tans and beiges, golden against the backdrop of the savannah? Then your room will acquire a sense of anticipation, the waiting for something exciting to happen as the lion decides which creature to stalk. Or is your favorite a fish, twisting in the unfamiliar air as it leaps free of the water to pursue its dinner or to escape from an underwater predator? Then the mood is action-filled, thriving with life and the drama that nature brings. A bird subject with a backdrop of blue sky will lift your spirits as the wind lifts the bird to wing.
So, your painting is ready in your mind, it’s in your hand, it’s ready to hang. Look around you; does the mood and color of the piece match your room’s d├ęcor? Perfect! The abstract technique of painting fur may provide a pleasant surprise to your room’s colors as fur has copious amounts of various hues, blended to realism by a masterly hand: red, yellow, brown, white and black, and each of these colors you may pick up in furnishings or small decorative elements such as pillows and draperies. You may switch out these touches of color to suit your mood or the season, as at Christmastime the red accent pillows may follow your holiday decorating theme. At Easter, the white of the Eastertime lilies may bring that season to life in your home. So many varied color schemes to choose from when you decorate with animal paintings! A final note on the decorating suggestion of animal paintings: an artist may reproduce that faithful childhood pet’s portrait on a commission for you and then you will remember the warm feelings you experienced as a child when your animal friend greeted you after each schoolday. Simply another good reason to choose animal paintings for your home!

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