Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arabian Horses The Real Ambassador

A veil of mystery and romance shrouds the Arabian horse. Author and historian Judith Forbis wrote that these noble creatures of the desert are “as old as time itself and as fleet as its flying moments,” and indeed they have survived virtually unchanged for more than 3,500 years. Even more captivating than the mysteries of their origin, the recorded history of the Arabian horse is resplendent with the glories of mankind’s greatest civilizations. From the mighty Pharoahs of ancient Egypt, the great prophets of the Abrahamic tradition, generations of European aristocracy, to ordinary people from all walks of life, the Arabian breed has enchanted generations of mankind. Perhaps the most unique and enduring role of these horses has been that of an ambassador through the ages. Even today, when mechanized conveniences have long since relegated the horse to a recreational luxury, thousands of people from diverse political and cultural backgrounds are united by a shared passion -- preserving the living treasure of the ages that is the Arabian horse.

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