Sunday, August 29, 2010

Original mixed media horse racing painting by Robert Joyner

Original mixed media racing horse painting by Robert Joyner, painting by Robert Joyner
Mixed Media on 140 lb. Archival Paper
Size: 22 in X 15 in (55.9 cm X 38.1 cm)
Price: $325 USD
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This expressive painting was done in the comfort of my studio on 08-26-2010. I used acrylic paint and crayon on Bockingford watercolor paper for this mixed media painting. This may be my favorite painting for this theme to date. I can't tell you how good it feels to say that. 

Horses have been my muse for many paintings but horse racing is a rather new subject. I became interested in horse racing when I was hanging out at my parents house this summer and I glanced over at the TV and the Churchill Downs happen to be on. I remember thinking how interesting and colorful this event was so I took note and started sketching the next day. The majority of these horse racing paintings end up in the recycle bin, but every once in a while I get lucky. New subjects will often riddle me until one day I have a breakthrough and become so confident in the subject that I can start to make it my own. Avoiding discouragement and sticking with the new subject is the key for success. It's important to keep pushing the art and challenging my skills every chance I get, and avoid those trite paintings that just seem too easy. While I may return to familiar compositions as a warm up, I try to remind myself to keep expanding by adding new subjects and techniques.

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