Monday, July 19, 2010

Original mixed media horse painting on paper by Robert Joyner

Original mixed media horse painting on paper by Robert Joyner, painting by Robert Joyner
'Wild Thing'
Media: Mixed Media on 140 lb. Archival Paper
Size: 15 in X 22 in (38.1 cm X 55.9 cm)
Price: $325 USD
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This is another painting salvaged from the reject pile. I began by clipping the inferior painting to the easel and taking a few steps back. I like to let my imagination work at this point by using the existing shapes to discover a new subject. Cows and horses are my recent inspirations so I tried to rotate the painting until I could discover a good starting point. Once I found the composition I added some red and orange acrylic inks to the body. I used green, red and blue to create the darker tones being sure to blend it into the reds. I added a touch of crayon to the left side of the body and neck to help define the body. Using a variety of colors and mixing them with white acrylic paint I added some colors to the background and the horse started to appear. To finish the painting I scratched into the thick acrylics and inks using an oversized paper clip. Scratching back is a great way to add some linear movement to the finished painting. If you notice the neck area you will see the light yellows that were part of the original painting (the rejected one) and now plays a key role with the new one.

Hope you find the new painting interesting and thanks for stopping by. Have a fantastic Monday and I'll be back here tomorrow.

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