Friday, June 11, 2010

Three Blue Horse Dancers - Contemporary Montana Artist

Blue Dancer Trinity - Contemporary Western Horse Equine Montana Mustang Art
Blue Dancer Trinity - Contemporary Western Horse Equine Montana Mustang Art, painting by Sandra Merwin

About This Painting:
I like to paint in threes. Three has a deep significance not only for me but for much of humankind throughout our history.

Three is the symbol of the unity of the body, mind and spirit. Throughout history the number three has been a symbol linked to the connectedness and integrity of the universe. In art there are three primary color red, green and blue. Aristotle had three dramatic unities: Unity of Action, Unity of Time, Unity of Place. In music the triad form the basis of any chord. In math three is the first odd prime number. In many religions three has spiritual significance.

Blue Dancer Trinity brings together the magic of the number three and the joy of the Dancer. Watching the muscles ripple, hearing hoofs strike the earth like a drum, I know one of life's great dancers is the horse.. The Dancer becomes the symbol of how we move in life. The dance is the way we can move effortlessly between chaos and order, between suffering and joy, between understanding and paradox.

Media: Mixed Media
Size: 20 in X 16 in (50.8 cm X 40.6 cm)
Price: $350 USD

How to Purchase:
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