Thursday, June 3, 2010

Original mixed media horse racing painting by Robert Joyner

Original mixed media expressive horse racing painting by Robert Joyner., painting by Robert Joyner
About This Painting:
Media: Mixed media on 140 lb. Archival Paper
Size: 22 in X 15 in (55.9 cm X 38.1 cm)
Price: $175 USD
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Still exploring the new subject and I decided to change my technique up just a bit with this new series. Instead of oil pastels I used my water soluble crayons and applied them first to the paper. This allowed for more subtle lines versus adding the oil pastels on top of acrylic where they would make more of an impact on the final painting. I also used watercolors instead of acrylic to achieve a sketchy feel versus the opaque look of acrylics. It's always interesting to make a change every now and then just to avoid getting in those ruts.

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by.
How to Purchase:
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Price: $175 USD plus $25 USD s/h
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  1. I think your paintings are FANTASTIC AND WONDERFUL!!! I am so glad to have you in this site!!!

  2. Thanks Jennifer. It's a pleasure to be here and I plan on sticking around. I really enjoy all of the artists that are a part of this site. Great job to all.


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