Thursday, June 3, 2010

Abstract Horse Painting By Jennifer Morrison, "Horses On Free Range"

Some artists out there claim today to have all the rights and own this technique that has been around for centuries!

How To Pull Paint - BOB ROSS:
To fully load the inside bristles of your brush first hold it perpendicular to the palette. Work the bristles into the pile of paint. Then holding the brush at a 45 degree angle, drag the brush across your palette and away from the pile of paint. Flipping your brush from side to the side will insure both sides will be loaded evenly. For some strokes you may want the end of your brush to be rounded. To do this, brush verticaly on the pallette. Firmly pull toward you working the brush in one direction off the palette with each stroke. This will tend to round off the end of the brush paint with the rounded end up.

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Horse Painting By LeRoy Neiman

I have always admired this technique of mixing and pulling paint on canvas.

I have always loved Jackson Pollock and his painting techniques and have developed my own style from studying his work.  I love to mix colors on my canvas, pulling them in all directions, vertical, horizontal and in any direction that may create the emotion that is needed for the piece I am working on. Washing colors and letting them drip through the painting and then layering them, pulling them and repeating this process creates such beautiful depth and shadows for my work. This technique is something that I will continue to use in much of my work to create a definitive style.

Horses On Free Range
Abstract Horse Painting
Painting By Jennifer Morrison Utilizing This Technique

I especially love how these horses turned out - they are VERY abstract, no outlines or details. The paint took a form of its own and I let it stay exactly how it turned out after first painting them.
This Painting is an ACRYLIC Painting With Layers And Layers Of WASHING To Create This Effect.
This is nothing new.. It is a technique that has been used over and over again by many artists.

Jackson Pollock is "famous" for mixing and pulling paint in his work. This is a technique that has been used for centuries.

Paint can be mixed and pulled vertically, horizontally or in any direction to create a works of art. This is nothing new in the art world. Therefore, "no one artist may claim this technique as their own" but use it in the manners in which it suits the work and creativity of each artist. No two artists paint alike although similarities may often be seen.

Some today claim be "famous" for creating this me "Famous" is Jackson Pollock, Bob Ross, LeRoy Neiman, etc.

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  1. Great post. I enjoyed reading it and I love the abstract too. I'm also a big fan of LeRoy Neiman. Keep up the fantastic work.


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