Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Original impressionist horse painting by Robert Joyner

Original mixed media abstract horse painting by Robert Joyner, painting by Robert Joyner
'Course Steward'
Mixed Media on 140 lb. Archival Paper
Size: 15 in X 15 in (38.1 cm X 38.1 cm)
Thanks Joanne

This is another painting resurrected from the reject pile. I was trying to use up some old  gesso that was starting to dry out and interested in exploring red which is a color I rarely use. I started with using some thinned out red acrylic paint which I smeared in the general area of the coat. I wasn't too concerned about staying within the lines at this point. I followed up with a thicker coat of red and a splash of darker skin tone again not being too concerned about the final shapes. I knew all along I was going to use the white gesso to cut-in around the shape of the outrider which is what I did next. Once the white gesso was tacky but not dry I used oil pastel to add a few lines and to give me a composition an pose that seemed interesting. I added a few grays to the horse and some lighter skin tone as well as the helmet to finish off the riders face. I added a touch of red violet acrylic ink and some pure cad red acrylic for highlights on the jacket and stepped away to see the results. The background needed an extra pop so I added a thicker layer here and there to contract with the transparent wash of gesso.

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by. Have a great Tuesday and I'll see you back here tomorrow.

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