Monday, May 31, 2010

Original horse racing painting by Robert Joyner

Original mixed media expressive horse racing painting by Robert Joyner, painting by Robert Joyner
'The Jockey No.3'
Media: Mixed Media on 140 lb. Archival Paper
Size: 22 in X 19 in (55.9 cm X 48.3 cm)
Price: $395 USD
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This is a new theme for me and I'm really enjoying it. I've painted horses for quite a while but not horse racing. My previous horse paintings seemed like portraits and I wanted to give paint them in another setting. I love the action and colorful uniforms and I can really get into all the positions jockeys use when racing. 

This particular painting was originally from the reject pile. I think it was a cow painting gone bad but the paper was still in great shape. I started with adding a few acrylic inks over the existing paint. This gave it a transparent quality and immediately the painting started to 'ping'. I wasn't too concerned about the composition at this point but more about color. Once the acrylic inks were applied I added some white gesso to the background keeping in mind the overall shape of the subject and composition. Again I wasn't too concerned about being exact but making sure I kept it loose. I added some opaque acrylic paints here and there just for texture and finished with some thinned paint for the harness and reins. I think that's what they're called, again it's new and I'm no expert in horse racing I just like to paint them.

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day and a special salute to all the Military that sacrifice their life for our freedom.

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