Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dream Horse...Original mixed media abstract horse painting by Robert Joyner

'Dream Horse'
24" x 30"
Mixed Media on Canvas
$775 plus shipping

This piece is very exciting to me. It has all of the qualities I've been working on wrapped up in one painting. When I started plein air painting I noticed right away that my ability to capture space was lacking. My works were a bit flat and lacked the subtle tonal changes that were necessary to construct a balanced painting. I started to research the warm and cool color theories and exploring with different techniques. At that time I felt my hand was too heavy thus making my brushwork too bold and lacking discipline and control. Plein air really taught me a lot about the use of color and how important it is to study the scene and envision the final painting before I start a piece. To understand where the darkest dark and the lightest light are before I start whacking away. Of coarse the painting didn't always turn out the way I envisioned but it was important in the outcome of the final piece.

Although this isn't a plein air work it still has the qualities of subtle tonal and color changes as well as the bold brushwork that I enjoy using. I started this one with a mid-tone grey on the canvas and added some wispy strokes of crayon strokes when it started to feel tacky. Even that was a challenge because I had to be patent and allow the paint to dry. The crayon is very important and really aid in the dream-like quality. After the crayon was on the canvas I continued by adding some lights and darks. These had to be placed in the proper areas but still loose enough to create overall harmony with the abstract painting. These lights and darks assist with the form of the horse. They appear loose and random but in reality they make sense. Once I hit that point I continued to add some different color tones to the background by using a few cool and warm colors to balance the subject and overall appeal. I added a few highlights and some deep darks and the painting came to life.

This is probably my favorite painting to date. I was so excited when I stepped back and admired the work I had just completed. The most challenging part will be getting back in the studio and recapturing the feeling and quality of this one. For me it will be important to match this standard and try to create even stronger work.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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